6 Zones Walk through Metal Detector-LCD



Walk through metal detector gate can easily detect weapons,knife and gun ,and any metal articles which is hidden on the human body.

It’s usually used in Gymnasiums,Exhibition Centers,Embassies ,Bank and Air port.

Function features:
*Its exterior is made of high strength synthetic materials.
*It consists of 6 display areas with single or multiple areas showing the metal position.
*The sensitivity of each area can be adjusted alone. The adjustable sensitivity range is 0-99.
*The automatically winded emitting-receiving loop features accurate and firm design. Superior detecting capacity.
*Automatic recording of alarming times and number of people passed.
*It has adopted advanced digital self-balancing technology to overcome omission and misinformation.
*The separated power design can ensure normal operation under extremely unstable voltage conditions.
*With fixer equipped at its bottom, it is water and damp proof.
*It is harmless to pacemaker in human body, pregnant woman or software products.
*At present, the equipment has become a model of choice in courts,
*procuratorates, etc of China for their security inspection.
Technical parameters:
Product external dimensions: 2220 mm*820 mm*550 mm
Product passage dimensions: 2000 mm*700 mm*550 mm
Packaging dimensions consist two parts:
Detecting board 2290 mm*570 mm*200 mm (80 Kg)
Host machine 770 mm*490 mm*290 mm (18 Kg)
Working power: 30 W
Working power: (220 v)+-10%
Standard: GB15210-2003

It can automatically adjust the sensibility from 0 to 99

Warranty: within 12 months

Lead time: 10pcs within 2 days

LED display on two sides

Sound alarm

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