Electric Perimeter Fence Shock 8 Line

Installation of Electric Perimeter Fence Shock

Cost comes in Per Meter


Aluminum Pole with  insulators

HT Cable

Tension spring

Danger  Sign

Siren and Strobe Outputs

2pairs cable

Earthen rod





Electric Fence: a barrier which includes one or more electric conductors, insulated from earth, to which electric pulses are applied by an energizer.

Connecting Lead: an electric conductor, used to connect the energizer to the electric fence or the earth electrode.

Electric Security Fence: a fence used for security purposes which comprises an electric fence and a physical barrier electrically isolated from the electric fence Public Access Area: any area where persons are protected from inadvertent contact with pulsed conductors by a physical barrier.

Pulsed Conductors: conductors which are subjected to high voltage pulses by the energizer.

Secure Area: an area where a person is not separated from pulse conductors below 1,5m by a physical barrier.



Electric fences shall be installed and operated so that they cause no electrical hazard to persons, animals or their surroundings.

Electric fence constructions which are likely to lead to the entanglement of animals or persons shall be avoided.

An electric fence shall not be supplied from two different energizers or from independent fence circuits of the same energizer.

For any two different electric fences, each supplied from a different energizer independently timed, the distance between the wires of the two electric fences shall be at least 2.5m. If this gap is to be closed, this shall be effected by means of electrically non-conductive material or an isolated metal barrier.
Barbed wire or razor wire shall not be electrified by an energizer.

Any part of an electric fence which is installed along a public road or pathway shall be identified at frequent intervals by prominently placed warning signs securely fastened to the fence posts or firmly clamped to the fence wires. The size of the warning signs shall be at least 100mm x 200mm. The backgroundcolour of both sides of the warning plate shall be yellow. The inscription on the plate shall be black . The warning sign shall typically appear as depicted in Figure x. The inscription shall be indelible, inscribed on both sides of the warning plate and have a height of at least 25 mm.DR



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