Spool of RG59 Siamese CCTV Cable Full Cooper


RG59 CCTV cable allows installers to run both the video and power to security cameras using a single cable run.  RG-59 cable comes in 500 and 1000 foot spools and is available in black or white colors.  RG59 is cut by you or your installer to the exact length that you need for each camera run.  The RG59 portion of the cable is COAX and is used to run the video to the security camera.  The 18 guage pair is used to run the AC or DC power to your cameras.

RG59+2 composite cable allows you to send power and a video signal down just the one cable,
saving you installation time and money fitting 1 cable instead of 2..

The two cables run in shotgun style can easily be separated to allow the power cores
to be taken to a power source leaving the RG59 to be crimped for connection to a DVR, camera or monitor.

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