One type of card and password touch access control machine, simple to use, reliable performance, mainly for the following functions:
1.  Touch button, lightweight, durable;
2. Opening mode: card, password, card + password;
3. A group of door open button interface; a doorbell interface;
4. A group of relay dry contact signal output , a set of PUSH ( low level ) output;
5. A group of WG26 interface, can connect one card reader; or set to WG26 output, the machine use for  the card reader;
6. Normally open, normally closed, automatic three backlight  pattern;
7. With anti-demolition functions and safe operation mode;
8. Size: 120mm�78mm�22mm
9. Weight: 130g


Item Project Index
1 Working Voltage DC 12V�10%
2 Working Current < 100mA
3 Size 120mm�78mm�22mm
4 Weight 130g
5 Working Temperature 0℃�70℃
6 Relative Temperature 20%�80%
7 User Capacity 1000 Cards
8 Card Type EM Card / Mifare1 Card
9 Card Reading Distance EM:1-15CM,  MF1: 1-7CM
10 Signal Output 1 relay and 1  low level

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