The absolute most identifications (indifferent from intercourse, decades otherwise industry) was indeed feeling and you can conduct-associated

The absolute most identifications (indifferent from intercourse, decades otherwise industry) was indeed feeling and you can conduct-associated

You will find used the latest open programming (the first procedure for the fresh new theoretical coding – pick Strauss and Corbin, 1990) of your own obtained issue collection the words-extracted rules in categories. I have received, therefore, a listing from 330 codes (we.age. character methods: committed, truthful, brave, etc.). Here resulted, as well, 26 groups, particular actually which have subcategories. You will find therefore realized an axial coding spanning four axial classes: physical attributes, personal statuses and you may opportunities, feelings and you can behaviors, and you may conceptual anything. This way, the latest lightweight data, represented by means of a graph, took the shape from a forest. Such, the newest axial group – character that have statuses and you can roles – had the subcategories: the fresh new sex category, loved ones statuses, interactional statuses, elite statuses, religious statuses, and finally, area statuses. After that, any of these subcategories got their unique subcategories. Instance, friends statuses: nearest and dearest roles together with marital updates; or elite statuses: status and you will career. And you may below each one of these subcategories one can possibly select the requirements (probably the most reproducing precisely the terms and conditions of one’s responders). The newest central class or perhaps the nucleus category to which We linked (as a result of selective programming) the axial classes the help of its subcategories and codes are Character.

Down seriously to using the theoretical programming You will find experimented with the introduction of theoretic comments using logical comparisons between the acquired data to your various other types of sufferers; for this reason, We have worked with matrices to your analysis sets in buy so you can compare the many communities.

I am able to enumerate henceforth new results We have hit on stop of one’s analysis and research interpretation. So, how the subjects from my personal search pick by themselves?

Another products are not only a lot fewer, but also quicker varied. In order to examine him or her, We have measured how frequently the new personality issue enjoys appeared about four groups (whatsoever 184 subjects): real qualities – 122 moments in the 85 victims (46% of complete); statuses and you can positions – 335 times at 139 sufferers (75% of one’s overall), emotions and you escort girl Joliet will behaviours – step one,406 times from the 177 sufferers (96% of your overall) and abstractions – 76 moments from the 63 subjects (34% of your own total). I can establish the information when you look at the a desk having a far greater view of the fresh rates.

These types of figures tell you how many victims known all of them with no less than one section of a certain group

The latest shipments speed of one’s four models (come across Table 3) for the total number out-of responders reveals because pursue (in accordance with the number of sufferers that have known from five particular groups): actual attributes 18%, statuses and you will roles 29%, feelings and you can habits 38%, abstractions fourteen%. However,, the brand new frequency speed of one’s answers to your examined people appears similar to this (in accordance with the amount of responses during the per group): actual traits six%, statuses and you can spots 17%, emotions and you can behaviors 73%, abstractions 4%. Aforementioned figures inform you (during the percents) just how many factors of for each group were used because of the participants.

The info establishes know was considering attributes (disposed within the matrix traces, during the columns being the identity kinds): sex (masculine/feminine), updates (manager/non-manager), director types of (small: class commander, agencies manager, quick or typical business owner/big: most useful manager, finest entrepreneur), performing place (state-owned/private market), years duration (children – 26-39/adult – 40-49/elderly people – 50-69)

Predicated on which table, almost all determine on their own by way of moods and you may habits; there’s particular information which they launch in regards to the way they is actually, act and react; too, moody attributes or linked to social telecommunications; that isn’t unclear, not clear guidance; that isn’t standard pointers otherwise empty words; it’s personal data, characteristics you to definitely customize, that make anybody stick out, one to match the need of individuality; they may not be cumulative identifications or associations.

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