The wedding ceremony consists of two fold

The wedding ceremony consists of two fold

First, an engagement ceremony takes place where in actuality the rings are supplied. The second area ‘s the wedding ceremony, where in fact the couples usually wear the crowns / wreaths on the brains, the latest priest prays in their mind, both are drinking of your own popular mug, and eventually they’re going within the altar. For the most part, a few priests can be found.

Into altar, there’s a holder having a bit of fabric. Into rack, the wedding wreaths (stefana), sugar almonds (koufetes), marriage rings, rose petals, and grain take it. On top of that, there will be a cup nice dark wine. The new altar desk is additionally the spot where the marriage certification is found on, that pair and koumbaros / koumbara must also indication pursuing the service.


From the wedding parties you give the customers a tiny gift called bomboniere. This can be fastened plus tulle, which have glucose-decorated almonds to the, which in Greek is named koufeta. Commonly, your give away the brand new tulle-wrapped sugar almonds towards the website visitors at the church following service, but the majority of will provide the gifts on lobby afterwards.

  1. The brand new light color on the exterior signifies love.
  2. The newest eggs model of the sweet almond stands for virility.
  3. Brand new firmness of almond presents the effectiveness of matrimony.
  4. The fresh new sweet liking throughout the glucose was symbolic of the latest sweet of one’s marriage.
  5. Fundamentally, how many almonds possess one particular meaning. You usually give three, four otherwise 7 almonds to each visitor (or any other odd amount). It needs to be a strange amount as it can not be divided. That is moved to the happy couple, that can as well as getting indivisible adopting the marriage.

A greeting to subscribers

If couple has-been wife and husband, they turn to stand in front side of altar, their backs against the fresh new chapel. The mother and father are standing up around next to the partners so you can allowed each one of the tourist. Very first, the fresh new koumbaros and koumbara greet the couple and also the mothers because of chatki reddit the making out their face (earliest best, after that left).

When they have welcomed, they pose near the partners plus the parents so you’re able to greet the visitor as well. Today, the new guests mode a column, and each turns up on the couples to help you enjoy and congratulate him or her, also welcome mom and dad additionally the koumbari prior to it get-off the chapel to go to brand new group.

The original dancing

First, every tourist arrived at the latest cluster, and therefore the groom and bride are definitely the last to look. Usually, optimistic musical is being played because the couples walks with the place if you are every visitors have chosen to take their seats. Once the pair reaches the newest dancing floor, the music change in addition they start dance its very first moving as the husband and wife. Later on, it’s the groom’s seek out dance together with mother, lastly the brand new bride to be dances with her father ahead of people sits down.

Reducing the wedding cake

For the Greece, wedding events usually occur in the night time, particularly in summer, if you don’t it’s too gorgeous to obtain partnered. Ergo, it is extremely a heritage (at the very least toward Kalymnos) that the couples cuts the wedding cake after the original dancing. This is certainly to make sure that the marriage pie will not fade inside the the warmth. Although not, you can always do anything you need, since the lifestyle are not repaired legislation.

The couple cuts an item of the fresh pie which have each other holding a similar knife. It place an element to the a platter, where in actuality the fiance brings their spouse a bite which have a spoon, following the groom nourishes his girlfriend a chew of your pie with similar scoop. Then partners grandfather a bottle out-of wine, that is put on the a couple of cups. The happy couple drinks on the cups which have that sleeve crossed more the other. Later, the marriage pie try lead toward kitchen is slashed, thus all the site visitors for every single score a piece.

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